BoSFIT — or Balls of Steel Fitness — is revolutionary fitness created by personal trainer and fitness instructor Bradford Shreve.

We wanted the site to be sexy and edgy with a sense of humor, not unlike Bradford and his team, so I came up with a series of taglines including, “Sexy is a Side Effect” and “Some Swelling is Normal.”

I also created a custom theme from scratch for BoSFIT. It’s very common for a developer to look for an existing theme which meets the basic idea he or she has created, then customize that for the client. In fact, it’s what I often do. In this case, though, I didn’t find anything that felt right and had the functionality we needed, so it was more efficient to build it from the ground up (using WordPress’s “starter theme,” Underscores).

The message: you will work hard, you’ll have fun and you’ll look better.

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