The Story

We specialize in making small business’s brands unique and exciting. Differentiating what makes you special, and coming up with strategies to share that message with the world!

Your brand is the story you tell about your business or product. (Or, in many cases, about yourself.) It encompasses every message you put out into the world: the obvious things like your logo and website to the not-so-obvious like tweets and hashtags and status updates. Everything counts, and it all builds your brand.

The real question is: do those messages weaken your brand, or do they make it better?

The Look

Now we have to tell that story! Translating the conceptual ideas around your brand into a coherent visual strategy can take some time, but it’s the best investment you’ll ever make in your business. Just about anyone can make a pretty website (or pick a pretty template), but you have to ask yourself at every turn: does each element support the story we’re telling? If not, it has to go!

Printing, Hosting & Maintenance:
The Logistics

Of course, once your cards are designed, your video is edited or your website is built, we have to deliver that to your customers in a way that is meaningful and cost-effective. That’s where James Did It! Turnkey Services come into play. The project is not done when we deliver a few files. In the case of websites, it’s never done. Software needs updating and content revising. We offer multiple hosting packages that will help insure that your site is always up-to-date and functioning!

Get More Information!

You don’t really need to worry about 1-3. Just get in touch, and let’s come up with your plan!

What’s Your Story?

I would love to help you realize your vision for your business. I pride myself on being able to work within most budgets and timelines.

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