Thank you so much for finding my site. For over 20 years (more than half of my life, if anyone is counting), I have been working with clients to build their brands.

What started as a high school hobby in South Texas has become a passion and a career that I never foresaw. For one thing, “web design” was not a field back then. Still, even back in the early 90s on my little compact Mac SE/30 (with an 8-inch monochromatic screen), I created broadsheet newspaper layouts for my high school paper and newsletters and brochures for local businesses.

I continued working and learning through college (at Trinity University in San Antonio) and graduate school (The Portfolio Center in Atlanta). When I moved to New York in 1999, I landed a few freelance jobs in various newspapers, corporate publications offices and graphic design shops.

It was in the latter that I was first asked to create a web site layout. It was for a major New York hospital, and I had to create three static page templates in Photoshop, then work with a programmer to build the pages. I really loved it. Specifically, I loved thinking about design in this new, interactive way. How was a user going to find the information? How were we going to lead them through the site?

So I learned how to build the sites, too, and I incorporated at James Did It, LLC in 2006.

Now you know all about me. What can I learn about you?

What’s Your Story?

I would love to help you realize your vision for your business. I pride myself on being able to work within most budgets and timelines.

James Did It!