Do you like Thai food?

I sure do. I live in Hell’s Kitchen in New York City, which has more Thai restaurants per capita than any other neighborhood in America.*

Pad Thai is a favorite, and it’s at every single Thai restaurant in America. So why is it the most delicious thing you ever ate at one place, but it tastes like garbage right next door?

A Design Menu

Same goes for design folks like me. Most of us offer the same kinds of services (read about ’em here), but the logo you get from one place will be totally different than the one you get across the street. So how do you choose?

The main thing is to find someone who gets you and your brand. Someone who takes the time to understand your customer and your goals, then comes back with choices for you that reflect those things.

It all comes back to branding.

So what is a brand? Is it a logo?

Your brand is the story you tell about your business or product. (Or, in many cases, about yourself.) It encompasses every message you put out into the world: the obvious things like your logo and website to the not-so-obvious like tweets and hashtags and status updates. Everything counts, and it all builds your brand.

The real question is: do those messages weaken your brand, or do they make it better?

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* Not a real statistic.